Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 21
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Hollywood
Year 2011
Housed in Hollywood Boulevard
Based on Original

7 was one of the scarezones during Halloween Horror Nights 21. It was located in Hollywood Boulevard. The scarezone featured all seven of the deadly sins on different stages doing what there sins say they do. Example: Gluttony sits on a chair eating all day.

Description Edit

Come meet your sins, Pride, Lust, Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony and Greed, and allow them to take you, control you.

Trivia Edit

  • This scarezone was unique in its changing form throughout the night. The zone started slow and subtle, with a cover version of 'The Beautiful People' playing. The Sins were represented by 7 beautiful ladies, all seductive, masked and wearing opulent dresses. Two followers for each sin provided the scares while the ladies acted as a beautiful distraction. As time went on, small changes to costume took place. Dresses got ripped, shoulders hung lower and jewelery got taken away. As night fell, the music changed into the fast rock original version of 'The Beautiful People' as the Sins completely morphed into angry, vicious, violent sirens as their sin took over completely.
  • Some of the scareactors would reappear in the Icons scarezone in 2015.
  • This scarezone won scarezone of the year in 2011.

Links Edit

Videos of the Scarezone 1 [2]

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