American Horror Story: Roanoke was one of the seven haunted mazes that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 2017 (Hollywood). It was based off of season 6 of American Horror Story and it was located in the From Dusk 'till Dawn Queue.

Description Edit

Step inside the twisted world of American Horror Story, the award-winning anthology horror series.

Deep in the backwoods of North Carolina, there is an isolated farmhouse that has witnessed centuries of horror. Legend has it that the house was built close to the site of the infamous "Lost Colony of Roanoke", an English settlement that mysteriously vanished back in the late 1500's. Though no one knows for sure what happened to the doomed colonists of Roanoke, the suffering of the residents of the cursed farmhouse has been well documented; a legacy of murder and madness that extends back into the murky past in an unbroken chain of horror. They say that the most dangerous time to visit the farmhouse is during the first moon after the harvest...the Blood Moon!

But in the woods beyond the haunted farmhouse, even worse horrors await. Whispers of cannibalism, blood-sacrifices and murderous spirits who still cling to the cursed land.