Antonio Cabot is the name of the captain of the Filipa Monez which was the fourth ship on Christopher Columbus' exploration of the new world. The two of them were rivals, however and bickered about who would be the leader of the expedition. To end the dispute, the queen of Spain, Isabella (Lady Luck in disguise), the one who commissioned the expedition, ordered a coin toss to see who would be the leader. Cabot called heads, Columbus called tails. The coin was tossed, then landed on tails. Columbus got to be the leader. While in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Captain Cabot and his crew secretly plotted a mutiny to take down Columbus so Cabot will be the leader. One crew member however had a change of heart and without Cabot and his crew knowing, snuck onto the ship Columbus was on and told him everything. The three ships attacked the Philippa Muniz, and the ship sunk. The remaining three ships' crew swore a blood oath that they would never speak of what had happened, and dubbed the sunken ship and its crew "forsaken." Centuries later, after Columbus discovered the Americas, a fierce maelstrom swept the forsaken ship, the and it washed up on the shores of a Spanish fort. There, the soldiers begin their fight against the "Forsaken" Captain Antonio Cabot and his undead crew.

In 2012 it was revealed that Antonio Cabot was a part of the Kerezan Legion.


  • Filipa Moniz is actually the name of Christopher Columbus' wife.
  • Cabot is named Antonio after Antonio Bay, the setting for "John Carpenter's The Fog" which The Forsaken is loosely based on.
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