Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Blood Masquerade
Blood Masquerade
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Shrek Alley
Year 2006
Housed in Shrek Alley
Based on Original
Presided by Castle Vampyr (2004)
Followed by Vampyr: Blood Bath (2007)

Blood Masquerade was one of the scarezones that took place at Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16. It was located in Shrek Alley.

Description Edit

Sensuous vampires beckon you in to their terrifying blood feast. This celebration gathers the faithful to renew their vows to a darker power. You will become their prey, from which they will vanquish their thirst for blood and immortality.

Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16
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