Left at the AlterEdit

Police reported that a wedding day ceremony had turned tragic when a groom found himself alone in a local chapel and his bride-to-be was reported missing. Police admitted to being slow to respond, assuming last minute jitters might have given the young woman second thoughts. But there was not to be a 'happily ever-after' ending.

The woman’s body was discovered inside the Universal Palace Theater on the morning after the premiere of a recent remake of a famous horror story horror film that was hailed as “setting a new standard” in the genre.

Apparently obsessed with the film’s central theme, she was discovered lifeless, having suffered from a fatal loss of blood. Still dressed in a flowing white gown, her pale white body was found behind the seats in the last row of the balcony, still clutching a bouquet of wilted roses.

Several patrons later recalled hearing a woman’s voice coming from the balcony area as “someone reciting lines of dialogue word-for-word” during the film. In spite of the fact that no traces of blood were found around the body, authorities officially ruled the cause of death “unknown” primarily because no specific explanation was offered as to how she suffered such an awful death.



Bouquet of roses found in the hands of the corpse. Defying explanation, the flowers seem to be “frozen in time” as absolutely no sign of decomposition has been observed since their discovery.

Handheld Dictation RecorderEdit

Recording: Yeah, that’s what I recall… she would come to the movie every night and sit up in the balcony reciting the film’s dialogue word for word. Then on the last night she shows up dressed up like they found her…like a bride to be. She mumbled something about “The Calling,” bought a ticket, handed it to an usher and walked up the stairs. Next thing we know, the cops are here and the paramedics carry her out in a bodybag. Weird!


The reason why the bride was acting so strange was because she was hypnotized by a vampire, possibly Count Dracula himself, and he drank her dry. It is possible that the bride will eventually become another one of Dracula's brides. The count and his brides were in the Universal movie adaptation of Dracula and they also appear in the haunted house Dracula: Legacy in Blood.