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Castle Vampyr Sign-0

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Castle Vampyr
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2004
Housed in Soundstage 23
Based on Original
Followed by Blood Masquerade (2006)

Castle Vampyr was one of the seven haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights XIV. It was located in Soundstage 23.

Description Edit

The castle itself is rumored to be the Blood Shrine of an ancient race that is long feared... but of which little is known. With ornamentation's gathered from all over the world, Castle Vampyr is said to contain a talisman from each "house" of the breed. And this evil congregation beckons the faithful to gather every thirteen years to renew vows to a dark power that drives their insatiable thirst for immortality.

Website story Edit

On the Halloween Horror Nights XIV Website in the patient records was an invitation to a pledge party for a sorority. It talked about how the location of the pledge party will be a secret until the person actually gets there and that the party will be held at midnight. It also says how the person who received the letter had to wait in front of the sorority at 8:30 for a driver to take them there. Also the letter said to bring one long stem rose, one black candle, and a small bottle of virgin root wine. There was also phone messages about how a girl made it to the castle and how it was creepy. The next message shows how she has been there for hours and how no one showed up. The next message shows how something is following her in the castle and how she cant find her way out. She then screams and the messages end.

Experience Edit

Queue Edit

CASTLE VAMPYR- Outside, there is a screen on which a man is talking about this history of vampires, as well as about protective measures to take if you meet a vampire. He talks about having garlic and holy water handy, and about not responding if you hear your name being called.

Haunted House Edit

You then enter the courtyard of Castle Vampyr. There are neat gargoyle stone statues there, as well as a carriage. A vampire bride, dressed in white, stands there silently, and occasionally moves at someone. You then enter the castle. A vampire jumps at you from behind the door.

You then enter a room where an attractive lady vampire is standing near the top of a staircase, staring at you. A hidden vampire jumps at you from behind some curtains.

You then enter the dining room. A vampire stands in front of a long dining room table, talking about the disgusting foods that are laid out on the table. His talking serves as a distraction, and a couple vampires that are hidden in this room jump out at you.

You then enter a hallway in which there are statues on both sides. Some are real, and some are fake. At one point, there's a face in a portrait on your left, and a statue on your right. Both of them are live, and they attack you.

Next you, enter a bedroom, where a female vampire is laying on a bed and moaning. She serves as a distraction, and a vampire pops out from a good hiding spot and reaches for you.

You then enter the castle's library. There is a vampire on a bungee cord way above you, on top of the wall. He jumps around, joking with guests. A vampire is hidden behind one of the bookcases, and will get you if you're not careful.

You then enter a long hallway with billowing red curtains on both sides. Vampires jump out at you from several of these curtains.

You then enter the disco room. Lights are blinking, and bodies are hanging in body bags. The entire room is splattered with blood, and dancing vampires here will make sure that you do not escape.

You then enter a room where a couple of vampires who look like Nesfaratu try to get you. You then go up a staircase to the attic. Vampires on bungee cords attack you from both sides. There are especially ruthless if you are really scared, as were the girls in front of me.

Then, you go down a staircase. One last vampire is hiding at the bottom of the staircase to scare anyone who thinks the haunted maze is over. You then escape into the night air.

Legacy Edit

This house had a sequel in 2007 called Vampyr: Blood Bath and its own room in 2015 in the Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters & Mayhem house.

In 2012 it was revealed that The Tau Sisters that were mentioned in the website were a part of the Strengoit Legion.

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Trivia Edit

  • This house won House of the Year in 2004.
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