"Shit, they're everywhere!"

-Charlie McPherson

Charlie McPherson was the photographer in the house Dead Exposure at Halloween Horror Nights: Reflections of Fear. There was a similar man named Charlie McPherson who became a patient and victim of Dr. Mary Agana (Bloody Mary). The reason why is because he reported on seeing ghostly images (that resemble the zombies in Dead Exposure) in the pictures he takes with his camera. Dr. Agana placed him in an air tight glass coffin with the bulbs of Charlie's camera to make the illusion of the images in Charlie's photos. He was given a choice to stay or face his fears and break out of the box. Charlie stayed in the box, and he eventually suffocated. His death didn't go unnoticed as Private Investigator Boris Shuster began to investigate the photographer's disappearance.


Charlie was turned into a zombie at the end of the house. He reappeared 2 years later in the houses Zombiegeddon and Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past. The Charlie in the alternate reality was suffocated by Bloody Mary's death trap.


  • Charlie has similarities to many private eyes from the 50's. His look was inspired by the character Ash from the 2003 direct-to-dvd film "The Animatrix".

    Ash, the character who apparently inspired Charlie McPherson.

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