"Shit, they're everywhere!"

-Charlie McPherson

Charlie McPherson was the photographer in the haunted house Dead Exposure that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights: Reflections of Fear. There was a similar man named Charlie McPherson who became a patient and victim of Dr. Mary Agana (Bloody Mary).

In 2012 it was revealed that Charlie McPherson is a part of the Kerezan Legion.


Charlie was turned into a zombie at the end of the house. He reappeared two years later in the houses ZombieGeddon and Horror Nights: The Hallow'd Past.


  • Charlie has similarities to many private eyes from the 50's. His look was inspired by the character Ash from the 2003 direct-to-dvd film "The Animatrix".

    Ash, the character who apparently inspired Charlie McPherson.

  • It is theorized that Charlie is related to Emily Duncan from this house’s prequel from Halloween Horror Nights 28, Dead Exposure: Patient Zero. In postcards sent to Emily’s sister, Kimberly, she tells her to “grab Charlie, go to Grandpa’s, and quarantine yourself.”