Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction

Dead End
Dead End
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 22
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2012
Housed in

Soundstage 20 

Based on        

The Philp Experent 

Dead End is one of the seven haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 22. It was located in Soundstage 20 along with Gothic.


A house was built in the 1890's by Kathrine and Victor Hartford. Their life was mundane, until their death in the 1950s. In the 1980's a group of kids believed the house was haunted because of it's decrepit and eerie appearance, and snuck in to the mansion and tell stories about strange things that happened in that old house. Each of the ghosts haunting the house are the manifestations of the stories that kids told became real.

Description Edit

If enough people believe in something, perception can become reality. In Carey, Ohio, the perception was that countless horrific acts had occurred in the old Hartford Mansion. The reality was that the curse which befell the house was far worse than any story ever told.

Experience Edit

When you enter you are greeted with an old worn down house. You have to walk up the porch stairs and into the front door. You walk into the living room where you see a ghost hovering up and down the steps. You then walk through a corridor where a scareactor jumps out at you on the left. After that you walk through a hallway where the wall disappear revealing the revolving tunnel. After that you go to a corridor which leads to a room with a dollhouse. After that is a room with a camera facing people sitting on couches and one of them is alive. You then go through a room with a mirror which opens up revealing a scareactor. You go into another room with a mirror where a person without a face jumps out. You then go into an indoor garden where plant people jump out. After that you go to the attic where various scareactors jump out. Then you go to the library where monsters jump out from behind the bookshelves. After that you walk into a room with a projector projecting faces on a sheet and under that sheet a scareactor pops out. The final room has scareactors popping out in a corridor. Then you exit the house.

Trivia Edit

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