Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Disorientorium Entrance Sign 2-0
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Marvel Super Hero Island
Year 2004
Housed in Carnage Warehouse
Based on Original

Disorientorium was one of the seven haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights XIV. It was located in the Carnage Warehouse. The house was a roadside attraction that drove tourists mad. The most notable tourist was Jon Murdy.

Description Edit

From moving walls to spinning floors, you won't be able to tell sanity from madness.

Story Edit

Here hours stretch and reality blends, up is last and everything bends. Front is left and back is night, day is dark and noon is right. The walls are doors and sound is sight where white is dark and black is bright. Straight around the next curved squares, on first last bottom top three stairs, bitter scents are terrible sweet, hearts are tails and heads are feet. Way up slow beneath the loft, far away close is hardly soft. And you always choose and you always win... and you never leave the way you came in.

Website Edit

On the Halloween Horror Nights XIV website in the patient records was a brochure of a roadside attraction called Disorientorium which says its like "Bungee Jumping For The Mind". It also displayed several warning signs for venturing too much. 

Also in the records was a phone which showed how a man was going to visit Disorientorium. When he toured Disorientorium with the owners he found himself enjoying it more than he thought. The owner of Disorientorium gave him 2 complementary tickets to the place and told him he should take a special someone but he wanted to keep the tickets for himself because of how he liked the place to much. After that he gets a letter from his fiance (which is also in the patient records) saying how he has changed and how she is cancelling the wedding. The letter also reveals that the mans name is Jon. 

Jon starts talking about how no one understands and how he gets dizzy and how he starts getting headaches when he is not at Disorientorium. The next page of the phone has blood droplets on it. It said how Disorientorium was closed so he broke in because he must always be there. He also talks about how his nose won't stop bleeding. The final page has a crack in it and shows Jon saying a bunch of gibberish.


Queue Edit

The queue went through the marketing area, and prop storage of DISO. Inc. The queue video showed trailers of the attraction and a greeting from Jameson Diorentorium, owner and creator of the attraction. In the queue, there were a few allusions to the fact that this house takes place in the Marvel universe (as the house was located in the Carnage Warehouse). There were several ads for the Daily Bugle, and a wanted sign of Electro.

Haunted House Edit

The opening scene was a spinning tunnel filled with stars. Exiting the tunnel, guests were dizzied and confused, open for a scare from a camouflaged scareactor. Then, was a mirror scene featuring the Treaks and Foons. The finale scene was a narrow tunnel in which scareactors popped out from all sides.

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