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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction

HHN24 Dollhouse-190x122
Dollhouse of the Damned
Attraction type House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 24
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area KidZone
Year 2014
Housed in Sprung tent #1
Based on Orginal



when you enter you come into a room full of handmade dolls while you are distracted by a woman dressed as an raggedy Ann doll that has been sliced in half a burlap doll jumps out at you next you enter a nursery where baby dolls reach out at you then you enter a room where a nurse is cutting off a mans feet next you enter a sort of hunters cabin with various stuffed animals on walls (the most notable of which is a teddy rubskin bear) while one hunter looking bear jumps out at you another jumps out of the fire place then you enter a freezer where a woman with a face of a doll for a mouth says make you preety while stroking a doll while you are looking at that a camouflaged actor in a pile of dolls jumps out then you enter a room full of dolls with their necks snapped off with an actor in the coener with a slit throat. then as you exit the room a balerina wear a doll mask jumps out from behind a curtain than you enter a room with bed-sheet mummeys holding on to swalldolde dolls with a person who has aperently become free from the sheets runs out of a corner then you enter a ovelish room with giant baby faces over fake doorwasy with scareactars lunging out at you between strobe flashes

Scareactors Edit

raggedy ann

hunterbear (x2)

bedsheet mummy

oval room (x2)


baby (x2)

ballerina with slit throat

ballerina with a doll mask

make you preety doll

camouflaged scareactor

surgery victim

burlap doll

Spanish Marinette


Halloween Horror Nights 24
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