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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction

HHN24 Dollhouse-190x122
Dollhouse of the Damned
Attraction type House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 24
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area KidZone
Year 2014
Housed in Sprung tent 1
Based on Orginal



The facade is a giant doll house with a bunch of doll part all over the place. When you enter you come into a room full of handmade dolls while you are distracted by a woman dressed as an raggedy Ann doll that has been sliced in half a burlap doll jumps out at you. Next you enter a nursery where baby dolls reach out at you. Then you enter a room where a nurse is cutting off a mans feet. Next you enter a sort of hunters cabin with various stuffed animals on walls (the most notable of which is a teddy rubskin bear). While one hunter looking bear jumps out at you another jumps out of the fire place. Then you enter a freezer where a woman with the head of doll for a mouth says make you pretty while stroking a doll. While you are looking at that a camouflaged actor in a pole of dolls jumps out. Then you enter a room full of dolls with their necks snapped of with an actor in the corner with a slit throat. As you exit the room a ballerina wearing a doll mask jumps out behind a curtain. Next you enter a room with mummies holding onto dolls with a person who runs out of a corner. The final room is an oval shaped room with giant baby faces over multiple fake doorways with scareactors lunging out at you.

Scareactors Edit

  • Raggedy ann
  • Hunterbear (x2)
  • Bedsheet Mummy)Nurse
  • Baby (x2)
  • Ballerina with slit throat
  • Ballerina with a doll mask
  • Make you pretty doll
  • Camouflaged scareactor
  • Surgery Victim
  • Burlap doll
  • Spanish Marionette
  • Marionette

Trivia Edit

  • Chucky appeared in one of the rooms as an Easter Egg.
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