Halloween Horror Nights Orlando


Dungeon of Terror
Attraction type Haunted House

Fright Nights

Halloween Horror Nights II

Halloween Horror Nights IV

Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Amity (1991-1992)

San Francisco (1994)

Year 1991



Housed in JAWS Queue (1991-1992) Earthquake Queue (1994)
Based on Original
Followed by Cryptkeeper's Dungeon of Terror (1995)

Dungeon of Terror (or The Dungeon of Terror) was the only haunted house that was featured during Fright Nights. The house returned the next year for Halloween Horror Nights II. Both houses appeared in the JAWS Queue. It returned again during Halloween Horror Nights IV but this time it was located in the Earthquake Queue.

History and Location 1991 and 1992 Edit

When Universal first opened one of their biggest most hyped up ride was the JAWS ride. When Universal first opened, the shark on the ride would not work so, they ended up using the line for the ride for a haunted house for their new Halloween Event called Fright Nights. They decided to call it The Dungeon of Terror and it would be the only haunted house for the event. This house was a huge hit and so they decided to bring it back the following year for Halloween Horror Nights II. Because the JAWS shark still wouldn't work, they put the Dungeon of Terror back into the JAWS Queue.

Description 1991-1992 Edit

Watch as a full cast of madmen and monsters wreak havoc and mayhem within the walls of the dungeons dark, dark depths.

Description 1994 Edit

There is no apparent escape! Are you to become the next victim of the night?

Facade Edit

The facade looked like the wall of a castle with a cage with a woman hanging above. On top of the castle were scareactors that would yell at the people that were below them.

Some of the rooms featured Edit

  • A room where a man gets hanged.
  • A room with a six foot spider that hangs above you.
  • A room with walls that would make you feel like you were getting crushed.
  • A person inside of a coffin reaches out and asks you to let them out.
  • One of the last scenes has you walk on The Rat Lady's glass coffin.

Pictures Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The house in 1991 was the debut appearance of The Rat Lady.
  • This house was the first house in the history of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando and was the first house located in the JAWS Queue and the Earthquake Queue. This was also the first original house.
  • In this house the scareactors were able to touch you.
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