Edmond Clarke was a young American man living in the time of World War I or the Great War as it was called back then. Clarke wanted to be a part of the war, but his parents, who ran a dry goods business begged him to stay and help, but he ignored them and left home. He was more interested in the humanitarian efforts rather than the money his family was getting in their business. Clarke came across two war support posters. One telling him to "Be Patriotic! Sign your country's pledge to save the food!" The other telling him to "Fight! Enlist in the infantry and HELP US WIN! At your local recruiting office." Clarke chose to enlist and set off to join the army. Lady Luck, disguised as the "enlist in the war" poster smiled as Clarke walked off to his fate.

During his time as a soldier taking part in the trench warfare in Europe, Clarke encountered enemy soldiers' bullets, bombs and tanks as he continued to write to his girlfriend back home describing how the nurses are taking good care of the wounded and/or sick soldiers. Some of them seemed to be vanishing without a trace though. The nurses said that they were either released from the medical quarters or were dead. Eventually, Clarke was shot in the leg and placed in the medical ward, but his leg refused to heal and he suffered an infection. After he had horrible fever-induced nightmares and witnessed what looked like demon versions of the nurses eating one of his friends, he realized the nurses were not human. These carnivorous banshees, called The Nightingales, have been around since wars began, feasting on dying, sick and mortally wounded warriors. Now they were disguising themselves as nurses to get closer to the mortally wounded, sick and dying soldiers. Clarke had enough time to write and mail one last letter and a sketch of one of the banshees he witnessed before he died of the infection, but he was thankful that he died long before the banshees could eat him.

Halloween Horror Nights 21
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