Double Tragedy Strikes TheaterEdit

On a night in the fall, a line of unusually strong thunderstorms swept through the area, disrupting screenings at the Universal Palace Theater. Incredibly powerful lightning blasts resulted in what can only be labeled as a terrible double tragedy when a power outage temporarily stopped the movie about 30 minutes into the screening.

Responding to an emergency call from management, the theater’s maintenance man arrived on the balcony lobby level and attempted to repair a lighting fixture that was found to be smoldering. Concerned that the electrical short may have spread inside the wall, he entered the theater itself to inspect the wiring inside and opened an interior access panel before returning to the lobby balcony.

Statements from theater audience members confirm that an even more powerful lightning strike then shook the building and sparks exploded from the wall, killing a patron known to frequently use the balcony seats during inclement weather as a place to stay dry…and a place to drink liquor without being seen.


Autopsy ReportEdit

…examination of the vital organs indicates extreme damage to all tissue as the result of high temperatures produced by electrical surge. Damage includes, but is not limited to blistering and bursting of cooked muscle tissue, discoloration of charred bone fragments and complete destruction of ligament connective membrane consistent with high temperature…

Organ Donation CardEdit

The bearer of this card hereby agrees that ALL organs are available for harvest in the event of death. Ironically none of the man’s organs were deemed fit for transplantation as they had been destroyed in the electrocution that killed him.

Empty Whiskey Pint BottleEdit

A clear violation of the Universal Palace Theater’s official policy, "Absolutely no outside food or drink permitted."


Electricity is the element that gave the Frankenstein's Monster life in Universal Studios' movie adaptation of Frankenstein and electricity plays an important role in the haunted house Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned. The organ donation card is another reference as Dr. Victor Frankenstein used random body parts to create his Monster.