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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Evil Dead Orlando 2013 2
Evil Dead
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 23
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area New York
Year 2013
Housed in Soundstage 24
Based on Evil Dead (2013 remake)

Evil Dead was one of the houses at Halloween Horror Nights 23

Walkthrough Edit

The maze begins with a walkway that leads to the Book of the Dead on a stand that is lit with dialogue clips from the original film playing in the background, followed by enlarged replicas of the pages found in the Book of the Dead. Next, the guest walks through a colossal "Evil Dead" logo and arrives at the first room of the cabin, where a possessed Mia attacks guest. Guests are then out in the forest where Mia's possession is shown (Tree Scene in Evil Dead). Back into the cabin, guest find all the teenagers bloodied and on the floor, where another Mia strikes from the opposite wall of this scene. The following rooms show all of the deaths of the teenagers (besides Mia), which in turn leads to the resurrection of the Abomination. The final scene shows the cabin on fire with the Abomination to the guests right and Mia with a chainsaw attacking from the left.


  • Demon Mia
  • Demon
  • Tree Rape Mia
  • Oliva
  • Demon Oliva
  • David
  • Harold
  • Eric
  • Demon Eric
  • Demon Natalie
  • Suffication Mia

Trivia Edit

  • Within the maze, there is a magazine with the headline titled "Evil Never Dies".
  • The stack of films placed in the maze are actually films that Sam Raimi worked on.
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