Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction

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Fright Yard
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2004
Housed in New York Backlot
Based on Original

Fright Yard was one of the four scarezones that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights XIV. It took place in an abandoned shipping yard overrun by two gangs. It was located in the New York Backlot.

Description Edit

Explore an abandoned fright yard where grisly frights await behind every piece of rusty metal.

Story Edit

An ominous industrial landscape of rusty trucks, stacked freight containers, and burning buses, The Fright Yard is infested with the worst society has to offer. You suddenly find yourself caught between "survivor clans" where The Demented lie in wait for The Twisted and both tribes are waiting for you. Armed with chainsaws and flame-throwers, they hide, lurk, and stalk guests in this heavy metal maze. Even with police choppers hovering above, this is a twisted and terrifying turf war that has no rules.

Experience Edit

Everywhere were fallen buildings and metal objects painted with graffiti. Fire spurted everywhere and there were even scareactors with flamethrowers. Evil bloodied gang members would roam the streets. The Chainsaw Drill Team made an appearance here.

Pictures Edit


  • Universal graffiti'd the usernames of many Halloween Horror Nights fans around the scarezone, such as Dr. Freak, ChainsawWolf, and French Cowboy.
  • This was the only scarezone that was located in the New York Backlot.
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