Halloween Horror Nights: Islands of Sindy was the original concept for Islands of Fear, in which Cindy was the icon.


  • Point of Fear
  • Marvel Island Under Siege
  • JP Evilution
  • Boo-Ville
  • Treaks/Foons
  • Island of Fallen Souls


  • Ashes 2 Ashes
  • The Mortuary
  • JP Extinction
  • Carnage: Day of the Dead
  • Dueling Dragons: The Executioners


  • The two JP attractions ended up switching names in the final draft of the event.
  • Despite popular belief, the ScreamHouse still made it into this version of HHN 12, as the Mortuary.
  • Ashes 2 Ashes was actually the caption of Sindy's house in HHN 20.

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