Halloween Horror Nights 2000 was Halloween Horror Night's 5th time at hollywood


  • Clive Barker's Harvest - You'll walk through a hole in the wall of a mausoleum leading into the ground where something is reclaiming the dead to incubate its young
  • Theatre of Blood - A vault of Universal's classic horror films, where you'll find yourself prey to the most merciless celluloid slashers and fiends


  • Chucky's Insult Emporium - The infamous doll from hell's insults feast on the feeble, the ill-at-ease, and the socially inept.
  • Carnival of Carnage - Medieval torture... sword swallowers, fire and glass eaters, and human pincushions toast their unusual talents with stomach churning chasers of cockroaches, worms, and maggots.
  • Animal House of Horrors - Featuring pythons, cockroaches, bats, and rats.

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