Halloween Horror Nights Singapore event
Halloween Horror Nights 7
Slogan N/A
Year 2017
Icon/'s The 7 Deadlier Sins
Icon attraction Pilgrimage of Sin
Number of houses/mazes 5
Number of scarezones 2
Preceded by Halloween Horror Nights 6
Followed by Halloween Horror Nights 8

Halloween Horror Nights 7, was the 7th Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studies Singapore.. All of the information was revealed on August 10th 2017[1] with the house locations being revealed over the following weeks.

Event Dates Edit

  • [2]September: 29th, 30th
  • October: 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th, 28th, 29th

The Seven "Deadlier" Sins Edit

Halloween Horror Nights 7 was unique, in that each attraction represented one of the Seven Deadlier Sins: Malice, Narcissism, Cruelty, Manipulation, Obsession, Perversion and Deception. Each of the sins also were also represented by one of The 7 Sinisters, who served as the icons of the event:

  • Death Mall: Malice/Malice (The character was just called Malice)
  • Make the Cut: Narcissism/Raven
  • Terrorcota Empress: Cruelty/Empress Qing
  • Hex: Manipulation/Midnight Man
  • Inside the Mind: Obsession/Lord Obsession
  • Happy Horror Days: Perversion/Father Time
  • Pilgrimage of Sin: All seven appeared.
  • Laboratorium: Deception/Doctor White
  • Slice of Life Tour: Narcissism/featured characters from Make the Cut.

Attractions Edit

Haunted Houses Edit

  • [3]Death Mall: Beware of Singapore’s most malicious ghosts who have awakened after our newest mall structural failure on opening day. (Soundstage 28)
  • Make the Cut: Gore-pop takes South Korea by storm as being the next star takes a horrifying turn. (Between Si-Fi City and Ancient Egypt)
  • Terrorcota Empress: Be subjected to Empress Qing’s evil in the mausoleum built in her honour. Will you end up like the many unfortunate souls who crossed her? (Waterworld Queue)
  • Hex: Fear the Shaman’s black magic as you face the repercussions of your own desires. (behind Revenge of the Mummy)
  • Inside the Mind: Enter the mind of Lord Obsession, a deeply depraved force for evil and experience a chilling and macabre foray into his psyche. Guests must be at least 130cm in height to enter. (Outside Soundstage 28)

Scarezones Edit

  • Happy Horror Days: Holidays are redefined by Father Time as he reverses the joyful merriment to horror. (Lost World)
  • Pilgrimage of Sin: With the new 7 DEADLY SINS unleashed on earth, fanatics have emerged from around the world to pay penance and plea for absolution. (New York)

Shows Edit

Laboratorium: Be exposed to the deception of plague doctors who treat humans as test subjects to find cures during the Black Death, only to create freaks with super humanabilities. (Pantages Hollywood Theater)

Slice of Life Tour: The Slit Face Girls present their brand of Gore-pop as they strut, dance and perform their latest single for you. (Hollywood Lagoon Stage)

Rides and Other Attractions Edit


Zombie Laser Tag: The all-new zombie laser tag experience with an action-packed battle against flesh eating zombies is not to be missed. *Separate charges apply. (Sting Alley)

References Edit

Halloween Horror Nights 7 (Singapore)
Characters: Doctor White  • Empress Qing  • Father Time  • Lord Obsession  • Malice  • Midnight Man  • Raven (Event Icons)
Haunted Houses: Death Mall  • Hex  • Inside the Mind  • Make the Cut  • Terrorcota Empress
Scarezones: Pilgrimage of Sin  • Happy Horror Days
Shows: Laboratorium  • Slice of Life Tour
Halloween Horror Nights Singapore
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