Halloween Horror Nights Orlando event
Halloween Horror Nights X
Slogan Not afraid of the dark? You don't know Jack.../Stay away if you are not interested in grisly entertainment)
Year 2000

Jack the Clown

Icon attraction's

The Fearhouse

Number of houses/mazes 5
Number of scarezones 4
Preceded by Halloween Horror Nights IX
Followed by Halloween Horror Nights XI

Halloween Horror Nights X was the tenth annual Halloween Horror Nights  event in Orlando. The event was located at Universal Studios Florida. For the first time in its history, an original event icon, Jack the Clown, was created to be used in advertisements touting, "Not Afraid of the Dark? You Don't Know Jack!" The event featured five houses, four scarezones, two shows, two haunted rides, and a parade, and was held for 19 days in October 2000.

Select Dates:


October 6, 7, 12-15, 19-31

The EventEdit

Halloween Horror Nights: X was the first of the events to feature an original Icon. Jack, the evil clown, who took over the event and part of the theming was based on his character, including a haunted carnival and a scarezone taken over by other clowns. According to the event, Universal Studios brought some of the original pieces of Dr. Oddfellow's Carnival of Thrills to highlight the event. The Publicity and Marketing Department decided to play on the urban legend of Jack by being able to acquire the original box in which Jack was trapped. Jack appeared in the Jacked Up show.


  • Anxiety in 3-D (Soundstage 22), Enter the 3-D virtual reality of the house that Jack built, and find yourself trapped in a malfunctioning 3-D video game.
  • Total Chaos (Soundstage 22), Wander through a top secret underground military base where captured aliens are on the loose and thirsting for blood.
  • The Fearhouse (Nazarman's), Try and make your way through a carnival where mirrored hallways, darkened corridors and hideous creatures make your escape unlikely.
  • Universal Classic Monster Mania (Earthquake Queue), Experience "reel" terror as classic movie monsters are transformed into hideously gruesome and grotesque abominations.
  • Dark Torment (Earthquake Queue), After riding Earthquake, you'll descend to the labyrinths of a nightmarish underworld where hordes of evil demons torment you at every turn.




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Halloween Horror Nights X
Characters: Jack the Clown (Event Icon)
Haunted Houses: Anxiety in 3-D  • Total Chaos  • The Fearhouse  • Universal Classic Monster Mania  • Dark Torment
Scarezones: Apocalypse Island  • Clown Attack  • The Gauntlet  • Midway of Dr. Morose
Shows: The Festival of the Dead Parade  • Jacked Up  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure
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