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Over the history of Universal Halloween Horror Nights there have been many different types of properties i.e. movies, videogames, music and TV shows used as the basis for shows, scarezones and houses. This page deals with the latter. The TV shows that have been used for content at Halloween Horror Nights in no particular order are:

The Walking Dead Edit

The Walking Dead is an ongoing TV show that has aired from 2010-present on the cable network AMC. It mainly concerns groups of people who are attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse ravened America and each other.

The Walking Dead based Halloween Horror Nights Attractions: Edit

Orlando: Edit

2012: The Walking Dead: Dead Inside. The first Walking Dead themed house at HHN in Universal Studios Florida. Based on seasons 1/2 of the show.

The "Walkers" from the show also appeared as a unofficial Legion of Horror at the event, scaring people they exited the house.

2013: Walking Dead: No Safe Haven: The second Walking Dead themed house at HHN Orlando. Was based off the best moments of season 3 of the show.

The Walking Dead: The Undead Streets: This marked the 3rd park wide scare-zone at the event after 2007, and 2012 and the first time one was based off a licenced property.

2014: Walking Dead: End of the Line: This was the third The Walking Dead house at Orlando. It was the largest house Art and Design had ever created at the time. It was based of season 4 of the show.

2015: Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead: The house was based off season 5 of the show.

2016: The Walking Dead: The house wasn't based off any one season of The Walking Dead, but was a compilation of the best moments of the past four houses as well as season 6.

American Horror Story Edit

American Horror Story is a horror anthology show that's aired from 2011-present on FX.

American Horror Story based Halloween Horror Nights Attractions Edit

Orlando: Edit

2016: American Horror Story: The first house based off American Horror Story. It was based off the first season: Murder House, the fourth season: Freakshow and the fifth season: Hotel. It was also a megahouse, being twice as large as any other house that year and taking up most of Soundstage 19.

the fear factor maze has never been since revied as either a scarezone or a maze and will most likely never return

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