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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Havoc: Dogs of War
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 20: Twenty Years of Fear
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area World Expo
Year 2010
Housed in Sprung Tent 2
Based on Original Idea

Havoc: Dogs of War (also known as Havoc) was a house that takes place at Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear.

The house is very loud, and has heavy metal pound through the house.


10 years ago, Shadowcreek Labs was hired by the government to breed super soldiers. The experiment succeeded, but at the price of frightening side effects. The superhumans grew insane and ravaged the labs. Now they stalk and destroy anyone who enters the labs.


As guests approached the massive concrete bunker with the Shadowcreek logo emblazoned on the side, a machine gun turret on the outside fired at the line.

Entering the research labs past a small handprint-recognition console, one of the insane soldiers runs around a reclined chair (almost like one used for torture or experimentation) and blows compressed air from a small air gun.

In the holding cells, transparant plexiglass blocks the trapped supersoldier off from the line. This doesn't stop him from pounding at the glass and slamming his body against it in an effort to escape. Another escapee is hidden behind a vent in the side wall.

Entering what looks like a control room, a scientist has been smashed through the glass separating the guests from the computers and his bloody body is draped over the broken window. Sparks fly from a damaged computer near the ceiling, threatening to burst into flames. Entering another concrete hallway, several soldiers (one firing with an AK equipped with a glowing laser pointer) appear from their hiding spots.

Passing through a storeroom filled with crates and barrels, several soldiers use the dark alcoves to hide until their time to strike. In the next hallway, huge plastic bags that appear to be filled with thick red liquid bounce back and forth hanging from the ceiling as supersoldiers run amok. Turning into another hallway, guests hear the roar of a chainsaw and a soldier sprints toward a hole broken in the wall, then turns around the corner and comes out to attack personally.

The next room is surrounded with what resemble large pipes with plastic bubble covers over them and filled with corpses. A deranged soldier laughs as he swipes from one of the pipes, and suddenly blood splashes out from one of them.

Entering some kind of generator room, the final room is filled with soldiers armed with sparking power cables and tools.


  • followed by havoc derailed
  • the reclined chair was used in saws,n steam frankenstein,used in the queue video for leave it to cleaver,giggles and gore,and havoc derailed
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