Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction

Horror in Wax
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights XIV
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Production Central
Year 2004
Housed in Soundstage 20
Based on Original

Horror in Wax was one of the haunted houses that took place during Halloween Horror Nights XIV. Horror in Wax revolved around an abandoned wax museum, and is based loosely off of the 1953 movie, House of Wax, starring Vincent Price as the main antagonist. It was located in Soundstage 20 along with Hellgate Prison.

Description Edit

The classic monsters themselves are all here... carved in wax, sculpted in resin and frozen in paraffin... perfectly preserved at the very moment tragedy struck. But this twisted enterprise was not abandoned - instead it became home to a deranged menagerie of the bizarre who lure guests inside for purposes that will become terrifyingly clear.

Story Edit

"Death comes to all, But Great Achievements raise a monument which shall endure until the Sun grows cold."

-George Fabrkius

On August 13, 1951 (7 years before the dawn of a monster), a man named Jeffrey Dietze was informed of the death of his father Gunter Karl Dietze, whom he was unaware of his existence. His lawyer Michael J. Hobot told him that he recieved both inheritance and a defunct attraction called "HORRROR OF WAX".

The Horror of Wax was a wax museum worked on by gunter K. Dietze, who wanted to recreate the moments from classic Universal horror movies. Wax statues of monsters such as the Wolfman, and Boris Karloff's Imhotep/Frankenstein were to be on display for all tosee, as well as recreations of the sets of which these monsters wreaked havoc. The records, and concept sketches were kept under tight security, as Gunter did not want to secret recipe to be known to anyone.

Jeffrey Dietze was fascinated with the museum, and sought to restore it so that movie lovers can stand in awe of these impresive art pieces. Jeffrey toured the museum himself.

On October 13, 1959, the lawyer Mr. Hobot recieved a letter from the treatment facility ShadyBrook, notorious for multiple acts of barbarity from his patients,. Shadybrook informed him of recent events were a man admitted himself for some much needed therapy- the patient in question was none other that Jeffrey Dietze. the letter explained that Jeffrey blames Michael J. Hobot for his current predicamant, due to something that happened in the hands of the law firm.

Jeffrey frequently suffered night terrors of mutilated creatures who wanted vengeance for a past wrong done to them. He would mutter "Buried Alive... dripping flesh... Melted Faces". Shadybrook wanted to know about the finances of Kietze- specifically in regards to payment for the treatment he's recieving upon admittance to the asylum.

Because of this sudden diaplay of odd behavior, The Horror of Wax exhibit was investigated by the police, who found out a possible source: according to gunter's Journal, he would take living people and subject them to various acts of cruelty- for ex: he would shove bolts into their backs. He was assisted by a guy named Tom, who worked at a soup kitchen.

The Journal, letters, and photos from the exhibit would later be thrown on one of the boxes of Shadybrook.

It is rumored that the defunct Horror In Wax is in fact inhabited...


Horror In Wax Web

The website page for Horror in Wax.

This house involved a character standing outside the façade sometimes interacting with guests. This character was an usher with what appears to be a melted face. Guests enter through a brick façade decorated with posters. A marquee sign reads "CLOSED". To the left, a bum's cart full of soda cans is visible.

Through a black curtain, we enter the first narrow hallway. Fake wax statues are set in niches in the aqua walls (The guests would get confused as some of the statues were really actors). A case full of classic monster props can also be seen. Down the hall and to the left is a hall with large wax figures on either side.

Next, the hall turn into a forest-like path with bright green lights shining through camouflage netting. Scareactors jump at you through the net. This serves as a transition to the first "exhibit" at the wax museum: the Mummy section. Guests wander through several rooms of mummy scenery. It's a lengthy section with very few scareactors. Next stop is the lab of Frankenstein, where electric devices are placed everywhere in this section to give the scene a cluttered, mad-scientist feel. Again, very few actors are to be spotted.

After these two exhibits, the house reverts back to its primary wax theme as we enter the storage rooms of the museum. Shelves of wax heads and other props decorate these rooms. Scareactors mainly hide behind large set pieces and jump out at guests. Next, the large storage room where various wax body parts are attached to the walls and ceiling. One or two poorly hidden actors attempt some scares.

Guests then entered the dipping room,(the wax preparation room. It revealed the previous owner of the museum was really a psychopath who dipped people in boiling wax, turning them into wax statues) a simple scene with a large tub of wax as the main set piece. A fake figure spins around in the tub as wax drips down him. Guests visit the climax of the house, a flashing room with tapestries hanging from the ceiling. Actors planted behind these hanging pieces of fabric give some guests a startle. We've made it safely out of the wax museum.

in an old area with the statues of the classic Universal Studios monsters. Going through a lot of these scares came the finale: the wax preparation room. It revealed the previous owner of the museum was really a psychopath who dipped people in boiling wax, turning them into wax statues.

Scareactors Edit

  • Usher
  • Melting people
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