Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Hotel Hell
Hotel Hell
Attraction type

Haunted House

Event Halloween Horror Nights VII
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area New York
Year 1997
Housed in Nazarman's
Based on Original

Hotel Hell was one of the three haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights VII: Frightmares. It was located in Nazarman's.

Description Edit

Check into one of the trendiest hotels in New York... at least, it was before it became the crumbling home to hostile ghosts, menacing phantoms, demented staff members and violent bums.

Experience Edit

Facade Edit

According to concept art, the facade was of an old hotel with boarded-up windows.

Walkthrough Edit

Concept art reveals that one room, most likely the first entered, was the hotel reception. There was a kitchen with a scareactor portraying a mad chef with blood-splattered clothes holding a bloody cleaver. This room was filled with hanging meat covered in plastic wrap to create a wet and slimy sensation.

In one room there was a toilet on top of a pile of rubble spewing either water or blood. There was also a mirror room with a vague strobe effect containing a ghost-like scareactor.

Yet another was a laundry room.

Scareactors Edit

  • Chef
  • Man in striped shirt (possibly sous-chef)
  • Man holding candelabra


Michael Aiello interview

Ancedotes from old forums

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Trivia Edit

  • Michael Aiello, the future showrunner of the event, appeared as a scareactor in this house, as a ghoul in a washing machine.
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