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Immortal Island was one of the Scarezones that took place at Halloween Horror Nights: 13

Location: Lost Continent

Description: From the bitter wasteland of the Ice Demon to the charred inferno of the Fire Demon, you're trapped in the midst of a titanic battle where no matter who wins, YOU LOSE

Immortal Island was the battleground for notable demons, such as Darkness , and the Night Mare. The environment was a burnt down demonic village, and had a huge temple, where, on the final night of the event, the Final Battle took place.

Halloween Horror Nights 13
Characters: The Director (Event Icon)
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Scarezones: Boo-Ville  • Hide & Shrieeek!  • Immortal Island  • Night Prey  • Port of Evil  • Toxic City
Shows: Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure  • Infestation

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