Odd Tribute...Or Twisted Hoax?Edit

A string of grotesque and unexplained incidents mystified theater management…and left the theater’s Lost & Found full. Following screenings of one particular film, someone (or some group) left behind mutilated dolls and toys.

One theater patron was so unnerved by the discovery of the bizarre playthings that he subsequently had to undergo extensive psychiatric treatment and ultimately had to be institutionalized. He was not alone. Several others reported bad dreams, hallucinations and night terrors after leaving the theater on evenings the picture showed.

Each of the toys found in the theater had been 'altered' in such a way as to suggest the work of a depraved mind…or minds. Body parts were switched from a doll found in the first discovery with a stuffed animal found later on.

No one was seen carrying the objects into the movie house…and no one returned to claim the lost articles. Had the incident been singular, the manager said he would have chalked it up to a careless child forgetting a favorite toy, but the horrific condition of the toys suggested otherwise.

No one ever admitted responsibility for the pranks and no more “mementos” were found following the close of the picture. The unclaimed property from the theater’s Lost & Found disappeared when the theater itself shutdown… and the whereabouts of the collection today is as much a mystery as how they came to be in the theater in the first place.

Evidence Edit

Game SpinnerEdit

A macabre game spinner with the arrow pointing at the following categories: Wound Head, Impale Upper Body, Gut Belly, Slice Lower Extremity, Chop Arm or Leg.

Psychiatric ReportEdit

'displaying classic symptoms of pediophobia, patient remains convinced that toys have come to life…and pose a mortal threat to his life. Recommend confinement until patient exhibits signs of rational thought…'

Pull StringEdit

Broken pull string that had been ripped out of a 'talking toy.' Attempts to determine which of the disfigured dolls it had once been a part of, have thus far failed as the Lost & Found collection cannot be located. Research continues…

Secrets Edit

The pull string belonged to a talking toy doll, similar to the Good Guy dolls that appeared in the Child's Play movies and the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray AKA Chucky happened to be inside one of the dolls. The mystery linked to the Chucky: Friends til the End house.