Jon Murdy was a character in Halloween Horror Nights XIV, and appeared on the website of the event. He hosted the Opening Scaremonies, and was the main character of hidden stories connected to most of the shows and attractions, and is possibly The Asylum Patient himself. His name is an inside reference to John Murdy, who'd later become the creative director for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween AdventureEdit

Jon Murdy was a friend of Bill and Ted. When he found out they went to hell, he left for Thunder Gulch.

Midway of the BizarreEdit

On the way to Thunder Gulch, he stopped by a carnival in the middle of nowhere. He noticed most of the barkers were mad escapees from Shadybrook Asylum, and narrowly escaped.

Ghost TownEdit

Moving into Thunder Gulch, the residents revealed the town was haunted, and at night, ghosts came out for a WILD party. Jon believed them, and stayed up late. He discovered the locals were right, and left right away.

Field of ScreamsEdit

Jon stopped by a local cornfield one day, and stayed for the night. Finding out he couldn't sleep, Jon went out for a walk in the cornfield. In the tall grass, Jon discovered he was being followed. Running from the field, he found out his pursuer was a living scarecrow. He left his baggages at the room, and ran away.

Castle VampyrEdit

On his way home, Murdy saw a bloody, and beaten girl hitchhiking along the road. He drove her to a hospital. As she was being lifted into the ER, she gave him the tape that would eventually become the Castle Vampyr queue video.