Jurassic Park in the Dark is an annual revamp of the popular Jurassic Park River Adventure at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood. The ride revamp mainly aims at dimming the lights, and adding more audio anamatronics and scares to amp up the ride. For 2008, Universal renamed to Jurassic Park River Nightmare, and added Freddy Kreuger in some scenes. This marks the first and only time it's been done, however.


The queue has been ravaged, and signs of chaos that ensued just moments ago, is everywhere. There are claw marks on the wall, and blood is stained everywhere.


The ride starts out normally, as it usually does year round. The ride takes a twist, when the boat accidentally goes into the carnivore restricted zone. Two velociraptors fight over a dead guard. The boat goes through an entire river of horrors, until it comes to the radiation zone. Before the boat travels up a lift hill, a truck falls down a wall landing right next to the boat, and splashing the guests. The guests start traveling the hill, and the lights go red, and small carnivores pop out from every alcove. At the top, a huge T-Rex breaks through the roof, attempting to attack the guests, but the boat goes down a 59 foot drop just in time.

2008 versionEdit

The 2008 version's queue's claw marks, only had 4 in a pair resembling Freddy's claws. The crashing truck effect was also removed, and replaced with a large "Freddy glove" falling into the water, symbolizing Freddy attempting to kill them in this nightmare version of Jurassic Park. The score was completely changed to the soundtrack from the Freddy films, mostly from Freddy vs Jason. Freddy made about 7 appearances in the main ride. Freddy also narrated the ride. They are all listed here:

  • In a cage, as a silhouette.
  • In a bush, lunging at guests.
  • Standing on a bridge above guests.
  • Lunging at guests from a pillow of fog.
  • All of his other appearances were all replacing some dinos on the final climb.

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