Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood attraction

La Llororna: Villa De Almas Perdidas

Attraction type Haunted Maze

Halloween Horror Nights 2011 (Hollywood)

Park Universal Studios Hollywood
Area Upper Lot


Housed in Shrek 4D Queue
Based on The Urban Legend of La Llorona
Preceded By La Llorona (2010)
Followed By La Llorona: La Cazadora de Ninos  (2012)

La Llororna: Villa De Almas Perdidas was one of the six haunted mazes that took place during Halloween Horror Nights 2011 (Hollywood). It was located in the Shrek 4D Queue.

Description Edit

Explore the chilling legend of pain and anguish as your ears succumb to the petrifying screams of a woman consumed by the dreadful guilt of drowning her children and then herself. Doomed to wander the Earth for eternity, La Llorona will stop at nothing to find the souls of her murdered children.

Relive the trauma that has haunted and terrified the hours of dark throughout the Americas for over 500 years, as you embark on a spine-chilling journey through the rotting remains of a haunted Mexican village.

Beware, for those who hear the wails of La Llorona are marked for death!

Trivia Edit

  • The title translated from Spanish to English is La Llorona: Villa of Lost Souls.
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