Louis was an A grade collage student and one of the two kids responsible for the events in The In-Between. Louis was also a professor's assistant so that gives him access to the professor's cabinet, giving him access to the grades, reports, homework, and the answer keys to tests, which was what he was looking for to help his slacker friend Bubba. Louis also found a peculiar looking board game, similar to a Ouija board, but with evil faces and symbols. Out of curiosity he took the board and the test answer keys, resulting in Bubba getting a passing grade.

To celebrate, Louis and Bubba had a party at their dorm with a few friends and begin to play with the board. That's when Louis checked his phone to see if he had any messages. Sure enough, he did. It was from the professor (Lady Luck in disguise).

"Louis? I just walked into my office and discovered the ancient rune game missing from my file cabinet. I don't know if you have it or not, but you are one of the few people with the key. As your professor and as a woman who admires your remarkable academic achievements, I need to explain the power of that game. It is much, much more than an archeological object of art! If you have it in your possession, do NOT open it! Bring it back immediately; if you choose to do elsewise, there will be consequences beyond your imagination! The choice is yours!"

Louis scoffed, laughed and went back to the party. The students in the other dorm rooms began to grow tired and impatient with the party and the loud music coming from Louis' room. Minutes later, they began to hear sounds of violent crashing and breaking sounds, followed by a deafening explosion and then, in a flash of neon colors, came a tremendous fire, forcing everyone to evacuate. Some students claimed to have heard evil laughter and demonic screams coming from the dorm. Louis and Bubba were the only fatal casualties, having been burnt to death. The building was condemned, but the board game vanished without a trace.

Halloween Horror Nights 21
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