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Mummy is a Universal Monster character featured as one of the main event icons at Fright Nights and as the main icon at Halloween Horror Nights IX. There have been two different interpretations of the character at the event, Kharis (1991) and Imhotep (1999).

Halloween Horror NightsEdit

At Fright Nights in 1991, the character was featured as one of the main event icons alongside Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein and Gill-Man. He used the likeness of the Boris Karloff mummy, Kharis.

At HHNIX in 1999, the character returned as the main event icon. He appeared in the haunted house The Mummy, using the likness of Arnold Vosloo's Imhotep mummy from the recent remake film.

Fright Nights
Characters: Frankenstein's Monster  • Count Dracula  • Wolfman  • Mummy  • Bride of Frankenstein  • Gill-Man
Mazes: Dungeon of Terror
Scarezones: scarezones were not presented at Halloween Horror Nights until 1994.
Shows: Beetlejuice Dead in Concert: Featuring the Ghostbusters!  • Chainsaw Massacre  • Dr. Death  • The Human Pincushion  • Magical Mania  • Madame Kuszel  • Cobra Woman  • Dragon Breath  • Starshower  • Paul Revere and the Raiders  • Monster Mardi Gras Costume Contest  • Prince Dragon  • Iron Belly  • Dr. Frankenstein's Theater Featuring Mistress of the Night, Frankenstein and Dracula  • The Human Impaler  • The Gravediggers  • The Pendragons  • Universal Science Band  • Beetlejuice Graveyard Tours


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