Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Night Prey
Night Prey
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 13
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Jurassic Park
Year 2003
Housed in Jurassic Park
Based on Original

Night Prey was one of the six scarezones that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 13. It was located in Jurassic Park.

Description Edit

Stranded on a volcanic tropical island, there's nowhere to run as you're stalked through the jungle by weird, beastly creatures who seem to possess a terrifying intelligence.

"Welcome to a tropical paradise ... of hell.  Try to make your way through the fog and fire of this volcanic island, but beware of the hideous and beastly creatures that make this island their home ... they're smarter than you think."

Experience Edit

In this scarezone, were many strange creatures with animal skulls on their heads. Some of these had chainsaws. Some areas of the park had stages made out of leaves and sticks with scareactors on them. One of the cars in the area was covered in leaves.

Pictures Edit
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