Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Nightingales Blood Prey
Nightingales: Blood Prey
Attraction type Haunted House
Event Halloween Horror Nights 21
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Production Central
Year 2011
Housed in Soundstage 23
Based on Original

Nightingales: Blood Prey was one of the eight haunted houses that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 21. It was located in Soundstage 23 along with The Thing.


The Nightingales are creatures that have existed since time began immemorial, feeding on the weak, ill, and dying in wars and natural disasters. Patrolling WWI era trenches, you discover that you are more than just at war…you’re being hunted.


Guest immediately enter one of the myriad trenches crossing the Western Front, a British Mark IV tank stuck in its attempt to cross the trench. A nurse with inhumanly large teeth, a Nightingale, is perched on the top of the trench, eating a corpse. As you pass under the tank, you see that it's been destroyed: the underside of the tank has been ripped open, allowing a dead crewman to hang upside-down from it.

In the next room, a soldier appears from a nearby alcove and fires his M1911 handgun at a Nightingale to drive it away. Another soldier, a piece of shrapnel stabbed through the lens of his gas mask, reaches for help.

Returning to the trench, a soldier is seen standing guard with a Thompson several yards away. As you get closer, a Nightingale suddenly appears behind him and rips his upper torso off of his legs, spraying blood as he fires his gun wildly.

In the field hospital, the wounded and dead lie in their bunks, creating a confined and claustrophobic space. Several Nightingales are hidden amongst the beds. In the surgery room, a Nightingale eats a corpse as it coughs up blood. An artillery shell suddenly lands outside, creating a massive boom as lights flash through the window. Continuing into the next room, where the bodies of the dead have been literally piled for burial, a Nightingale goes wild and crawls amongst the dead.

In the adjoining rec tent, a Fokker biplane has crashed outside, one of the wings tearing through the fabric. Shifting lights create the silhouette of bodies impaled on debris outside the tent. A Nightingale cradles the decapitated body of a soldier on his cot as a record player gives a macabre accompaniment to the sounds of war.

Returning to the trench, pinpoints of light flash on sides of the trench as machine gun rounds impact nearby. Passing by a boarded-up storage alcove, machine guns suddenly begin firing nearby, the muzzle flash illuminating a pair of attacking Nightingales. Fleeing, you see a Nightingale feasting on a horse above the trench, squirting blood.

As you enter the final section of trench, a Nightingale flies overhead as another reaches for you through a collapsed section. A machine gunner (manning a compressed air replica of a Browning M1919), fires his handgun at the flying Nightingale before jumping on his gun and firing through the line to reach the one at ground level.

Nightingales Blood Prey Facade

The facade for Nightingales: Blood Prey.

Scareactors Edit

  • Flying Nightingale
  • Soldier (x2)
  • Dead body room Nightingale (x2)
  • Gas mask soldier
  • Nightingales (x4)

Trivia Edit


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