A Person's Worst NightmareEdit

Of all the horrific incidents reported at the Universal Palace Theater, none is more bizarre or terrifying than the graphic story told by two little twin girls on their first visit to the theater.

“Our daddy told us the movies can be very scary,” they each said, “and he was right!"


Bloody Popcorn BoxEdit

The gruesome discovery of the snack purchased on the night of the incident, by a patron who claimed to be unfazed by horror movies.

Claw MarksEdit

This is evidence that corroborates the testimony of the twin girls that “a big hairy beast with sharp claws and long fangs” went on a wild rampage inside the theater after “a laughing man threw popcorn at the screen.”


The creature was a werewolf, which connects it to the haunted house based off of the 2010 remake of The Wolfman .