Saw logo

The logos for the house.

Saw: Game On was one of the mazes that took place at Halloween Horror Nights 2010.

Description Edit

Jigsaw’s twisted lifework lives on through his demented disciples. However, somewhere along the line, his vision of teaching people the value of life was lost. With his deranged followers running the show, the rules have changed. And that means bad news for you. Get ready to face a new gauntlet of death traps inspired by the most horrific contraptions from the Saw film series.

Trivia Edit

For the 2011 survey, this, and House of 1000 Corpses in Zombie-o-Vision were the main selectees to return for next year. The only differences from the past year, was the presence of traps from Saw 3D, such as the garage and the blade train.

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