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Ship of Screams was one of the houses that took place at Halloween Horror Nights 13.


The Ship of Screams was simply a SS Frightanic revisisted, as the ghosts of the Frightanic have returned.

Trivia Edit

Most of the scareactors are wearing light clothing (dress pants shirts jackets)and scareactresses (blue dresses) and pretty much all of the ships crew are wearing darker clothing.

Highlight room Edit

The bridge and the ships lower levels.

Warehouse eXXperienceEdit

The Ship of Screams was revisited in the Warehouse eXXperience of HHN XX.

scaareactors Edit

  • Women in blue dresses one 5X
  • Crew member in coveralls and head lamp 2X
  • Men in white dress clothing 2X
  • Man in white dress jacket shirt and pants

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