The Spirit Seekers were a division of Legendary Truth such as the Collective. Their most famous case has been The Wyandot Estate where ghosts caused chaos for the current owner who had converted the estate into a bed-and-breakfast inn. The Spirit Seekers, wanting an opportunity to ghost hunt, accepted the task given by the owner to drive out the ghosts. Using equipment taken from Legendary Truth, The Spirit Seekers set up their operations in the haunted house and used a device to forcefully draw out every ghost lurking within its walls. They got more than they bargained for when ghosts emerged.

The entire team went missing during The Wyandot Estate case. Nothing is currently known about their fate.


  • In the Legendary Truth: The Wyandot Estate queue video, the Ghost Hunters from the TV show of the same name, played some of the seekers.
  • "Death", one of the minigames in Warehouse eXXperience, involved using a specialized camera similar to Spirit Seeker equipment. The objective of the minigame was similar, tasking the player to track down a lost and pained spirit.