Mr wilkins

Scare actor portraying Mr. Wilkins Photo courtesy of Amanda Skena

Trick 'r Treat Steve Wilkins in Costume

Vampire Wilkins

Steven Wilkins was one of the characters featured in the Trick 'r Treat scarezone at Halloween Horror Nights 27 and was portrayed by Dylan Baker in the film. He was a principal at an unnamed school in Warren Valley, Ohio where he was known by the children simply as Mr. Wilkins. He seemed to be well liked by his students but unbeknownst to them he was a serial killer of women and children, his most known victim being Charlie, a kid who smashed pumpkins and attempted to steal candy from the Wilkins' residence as well as from Steven's son, Billy.

After disposing of the bodies of Charlie, whom he poisoned with a cyandie laced chocolate bar, and another unknown child in his backyard under the guise of gardening, he helped his son Billy learn to "carve the eyes" on what the audience figured was a pumpkin but in turn was the head of Charlie.

In the latter half of the film, he donned a vampire like costume consisting of a black robe, mask, suit, and fangs sharp enough to pierce skin. After murdering an unspecified woman at the Halloween parade in town, he sets out after Laurie. His reign of terror ends after the young woman turns out to be a werewolf and rips his throat out as a form of losing her lycan virginity.

In the scarezone, he is seen in the center in front of a facade built to resemble the front porch in the film with an animatronic Charlie, a candy dish, a shovel, and the garden gnome seen in the movie. Every once in a while he'll sit down beside "Charlie" and make it vomit while warning the crowd of onlookers to "Always check their candy." He is a distraction for the other scareactors to come up behind guests and give them a good scare. The secondary version, known as Vampire Wilkins, will stalk around the scarezone searching for another victim to claim.

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