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Sweet 16: The Director's Cut
Attraction type Show
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Sweet 16
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Studio Lagoon
Year 2006
Housed in Studio Lagoon
Based on Original

Sweet 16: The Director's Cut (Sweet 16: Blast From the Past) was a show at Halloween Horror Nights 16, which took place on the Studio Lagoon. It consisted of 3 acts, each separately hosted by one of the icons. It featured footage from horror films that have had influenced Horror Nights in the past, as well as previous event commercials.

Description Edit

Relive Universal's horror history in this special Horror Nights version of Universal 360, presented by The Director.

Act 1Edit

The first act consisted of a short show featuring water and fire effects. On one of the lagoon balls, The Director appeared with his camera claiming they have been cast for his latest film. Clips from Saw, Child's Play, and The Thing played on one orb while the jester commercial from 2003 played on the other. The Director then claimed the guests should show a little more fear, then shouted, "Albert, get the hell over here!". The Halloween theme song then played, and a short full clip from the film Frankenstein played.

Act 2Edit

The Caretaker's eenie meenie miney mo commercial from 2002 played on all the globes and he claimed he would steal the guest's souls. Clips from A Nightmare on Elm St., The Mummy (Brendan Fraser version), and Hostel played on the screens. The Caretaker then reappeared saying "Your time has come."

Act 3Edit

Jack appeared on one TV screen saying "I'm the original and the best like blood and guts are the nastiest!" Clips from Psycho, People Under the Stairs, and Halloween played. Then the Sweet 16 coffin commercial played, while all four icons sung happy birthday, and a fireworks show danced out in the sky.


  • The Storyteller didn't get her own act, despite being one of the main icons for Sweet 16. It's speculated that she didn't get an act in order to keep the show's running time short.
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