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Terra Cruentus symbol

Terra Cruentus also known as Terra Cruentas was a land ruled by the Terra Queen. It was the location of the story of Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror. In the world of Terra Cruentus, human blood is a source of a never-ending cycle of sacrifice and creation. Blood from a sacrificial victim is used to create iron in the Gorewood Forest and in Dragon Forge's Tangle Root Fire Pits, that iron is used to make the Terra Throne Blade for the sacrifices used every night at the Terra Throne, powering the Queen's rule. Then the blood of the sacrificed is used and the cycle continues as the Queen's Bone Chopper Riders (the Black Guards) deliver it. The cycle ends when Terra Queen herself is sacrificed.


  • Terror Mines- The mines of Terra Cruentus, which was run by cruel slave workers forcing miners to mine all day with no rest or food. However, everyone in the caves pay the price when the creatures in the caves attack the slaves and he slave drivers.
  • The Skool- The school for Terra Cruentus' children. There, they were taught how to serve the queen, and what the festivities were. They also play the game Dead Man's Wishes where they lure humans, play games with their minds, then kill them.
  • Blood Thunder Alley - A city overrun by bloodthirsty bikers carrying shotguns and machetes. This is where the Queen's motorcycle riding Black Guards party outside the Demon Cantina.
  • Demon Cantina- A bar in the Blood Thunder Alley. It was a bar for vampires serving up blood miked with various cocktails and alcohol and succubi entice victims with exotic dances. The Black Guards come to the cantina to party one last time until their duty comes and their season ends a sign of retirement.
  • Blood Ruins- A village a few miles away from the Terror Mines. It was quarantined from all the other cities. The ruins are ruled by zealous monks who worship the Queen. The only escape was death, and anyone caught trying to escape, or do something against the laws, died a painful death, or were sent to the Collectors.
  • The Collector's Facility- The main factory of the Body Collectors in the Gorewood Forest. The lawbreakers throughout the kingdom, mostly from the Blood Ruins, were sent here to get dismembered, and mutilated, then ultimately killed. Some bones like the skulls can be profitable if they are unblemished and undamaged.
  • The Hollows