Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
Terra Throne
Attraction type Show
Event Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror
Park Universal's Islands of Adventure
Area Port of Entry
Year 2005
Housed in Port of Entry
Based on Original

The center of power of the land Terra Cruentus , the Terra Throne is where all begins and ends. Hundreds of years ago, an oak sapling grew in an ancient blood-soaked battlefield, where enzymes and human remains soaked it, turning it from wood to iron as it grew. It was this tree that became the throne of the Terra Queen. This tree bears an addictive fruit called blood berries, and because they only grow whenever human blood soaks the tree, a nightly ritual is to take place in order for the fruit to bloom. Once the ritual is completed, the fruit are taken to the Demon Cantina to be converted into wine for the Black Guards and other monsters to drink. The Black Guards also deliver a large portion of the blood, along with the remains of the sacrificed victim to the Body Collectors of Gorewood Forest and ore mongers of the Dragon Forge to create the ceremonial dagger of the Queen, the Terra Throne Blade. Then they deliver the new dagger to the Throne so the ritual can begin again; until the final day when the Queen sacrificed herself.

Description Edit

Under the watchful eye of the hideous Terra Queen, unsuspecting onlookers become unwilling participants in a fiery sacrificial ritual at the Gorewood Tree altar.

2005 HHN15 HHNVault The Queen Be Done

2005 HHN15 HHNVault The Queen Be Done

Terra Queen's sacrifice.

Music Edit

Residents Past by Midnight Syndicate from the Gates Of Delirium CD Troubled Times by Midnight Syndicate from the Dungeons and Dragons CD

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