The Festival of the Dead Parade was a Parade that took place at Halloween Horror Nights VII through Halloween Horror Nights X and during Halloween Horror Nights XIV.

Description (1997) Edit

The streets come alive with the walking dead in this ghoulish procession of nightmarish floats, costumed creatures and ghostly surprises.

Description (1998) Edit

It's bigger and better than ever! Monsters, ghouls and maniacs in a procession of horror and fun.

Description (1999) Edit

Witness the season of the witch. Bigger and better than ever!

Description (2000) Edit

A macabre march of demonic dolls, murderous wooden soldiers and giant toys unsafe for any age.

Description (2004) Edit

Once a year they appear out of nowhere and march slowly through the dark streets, tempting all with baubles, bangles, and beads. A ritualistic procession that is impossible to ignore and all too easy to join, The Festival of the Dead Parade worms its way through the landscape and into the minds of weak souls. Seductive, enticing, and mesmerizing, the floats and marchers move in a rhythm that is horrifyingly hypnotic... and designed to do only one thing - draw you into The Midway of the Bizarre.

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