In her world…

…they prey on your weaknesses and linger in your subconscious.

…everything rustles, there is a reason to look over your shoulder and adrenaline courses through your veins.

…the tales you heard as a child have gone horribly wrong. Dorothy doesn’t win and Alice’s nightmare is inescapable.

…there is no where to run. Just as one horror ends, another begins and you scream until you have no sound left.

…fear is not just a four-letter-word. It’s a state of mind.

And, if you can bear to say her name, you’ll be yanked through the mirror and into her world, where you will never be the same.

The Mirror is the homeworld of various monsters and myths, most notably Bloody Mary and the inmates of Wonderland.

Realms Edit

Urban Legends Edit

Creatures!, The Skoolhouse, American Gothic

Myths Edit

Body Collectors: Collections of the Past, Streets of Blood

Tales Edit

Scary Tales: Once Upon a Nightmare, The Path of the Wicked, Fractured Tales

Fears Edit

Bloody Mary, Wonderland

Nightmares Edit

Interstellar Terror, Doomsday, Dead Exposure

Theories Edit

"You know I wonder if that's cause she's in mirrors you know like she can travel to any time so long has someone summons her through a mirror "


"At any rate, just look around on the website, in Mary's world time is by no means a constant. You're traveling from 1958 to Victorian London to a future where we have a spaceship traveling beyond the limits of our solar system.This means that if she wills it you can return to a time or place in the present, past or future and experience places and meet people that have either long been dead, haven't been born yet or never actually existed."