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"Lord Imotehp thanks you for your patience... and your eyes... and tounge..." - Beni


The Mummy is a house based on the movie of the same name. It was featured during Halloween Horror Nights IX and was located in the Earthquake Queue.

Description Edit

Venture into the depths of this Egyptian tomb where the ancient priests want to make you a permanent resident.


Guests entered the house through a rotting Egyptian temple. The first scene was a corridor with satues of mummy , warriors. Some of the warriors came to life scaring guests. Then, Rick O' Connell jumped out of an alcove warning guests to get out. Afterwards, guests saw some diggers trying to open a door, but releasing acidic sands. This scene distracted guests from a warrior mummy scare. Guests then moved into Imothep's sacrifical chamber, and saw mummy priests tearing out the tounges of unlucky excavators. Next guests saw a group of unlucky mummified tourists, just like them. Finally Imotehp jumped out of a sarchouphogaus for a final scare.

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