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The Skool was one of the Houses that took place at Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror Here, the children of the Body Collectors, Ore Mongers and other demons of Terra Cruentas learn the ways of the land, and the ways of the Terra Queen. It is also where they play the game "Dead Man's Wishes", a twisted and fatal version of hide and seek.

The end of this house featured an effect of a schoolteacher with a bag over her head twitching as she was being hanged

It was turned into a scarezone at Halloween Horror Nights: Reflections of Fear called The Skoolhouse

Halloween Horror Nights: Tales of Terror
Characters: The Storyteller (Event Icon)  • Terra Queen
Mazes: Blood Ruins  • Body Collectors  • Cold Blind Terror  • Demon Cantina  • The Skool  • Terror Mines  • Where Evil Hides
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