Halloween Horror Nights Orlando attraction
The Walking Dead: The Undead Streets
Attraction type Scarezone
Event Halloween Horror Nights 23
Park Universal Studios Florida
Area Park-wide
Year 2013
Housed in Park-wide
Based on The Walking Dead (Seasons 1, 2 and 3)

The Walking Dead: The Undead Streets was the only scarezone that was featured during Halloween Horror Nights 23. It was park-wide and was split into a number of sections portraying several iconic moments from the first 3 seasons of The Walking Dead.

Description Edit

AMC's The Walking Dead has overtaken the streets of Universal Studios Florida. From Atlanta, to the forests, and into Woodbury, you’ll have to fight your way through some of the most iconic locations in the show if you want to survive the night.

Sections Edit

  • Walking Dead: The Fall of Atlanta: The smell of death is in the air as you make your way past an iconic tank, sandbag barriers, and decayed rotting corpses on your journey through this decimated city. But be warned—the city’s not empty. (New York)
  • Walking Dead: Woodlands: Tread carefully through these woods, as you never know who you might encounter. Lurking deep in the hidden depths are unforgettable scenes and characters from Seasons 1, 2 and 3. (Central Park)
  • Walking Dead: Survivor's Camp: There’s no one telling ghost stories at this derelict campsite, but there are plenty of undead. Will you dare to go closer to the eerily abandoned RV? Keep your wits about you or you might become a ghost story yourself. (Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone)
  • Walking Dead: The Farm: Something’s burning and it’s not a Sunday roast. Gasoline fumes ignite your senses as you encounter the smoldering remains of a singed country farm. See and smell the putrid barn, the red tractor, and more as you learn what’s causing that horrifying stench. (Mel's Drive-In)
  • Walking Dead: Clear: Turn around and live—proceed and face your fate. Stick together as you head down this street, because the spiked barriers are there for a reason. If you refuse to heed the spray-painted warnings, you’re in for a terrifying walk that will feel like an eternity. (Hollywood Boulevard)
Halloween Horror Nights 23
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