"Awful Stench" Ends MysteryEdit

The gruesome discovery of a local businessman's decomposing corpse ended a mystery that had consumed police resources for more than a week. Witness statements from people in the theater's audience stated that the man ignored complaints to stop talking on his cell phone during the movie.

"He was very agitated at his phone and began cursing out loud that he couldn’t get a signal inside the theater," one witness observed. When several theater goers demanded that he quiet down or leave, he reportedly cursed at them as well and stormed out to the lobby.

Initially police assumed he left the theater. But after several days, a nauseating stench began to draw attention to the balcony area and ultimately to a seldom-used Roof Access hallway where his body was found, his right leg twisted in the badly rusted ironwork that supported the ladder stairs. Apparently attempting to climb to an area where his phone would work, he found himself trapped in a collapsed section of corroded metal steps.

This section of the theater had originally been built to be as soundproof as possible so Opera stagehands could access a catwalk (long since removed to accommodate the advent of motion pictures). Any screams for help would have been almost impossible to hear. And the investigators noted that the cell phone signal was no better at the higher elevation.

Evidence Edit

911 Call TranscriptEdit

Caller: …I was trying to call my husband and I haven’t heard from him since his cell phone cut out…

Dispatcher: Where was he ma'am?

Caller: …at the movies! He answered his cell, said the movie had just started and then the call dropped. That was six hours ago!

Dispatcher: Okay, did you call the theater?

Caller: The Palace…yes, Universal Palace…the manager said everyone was gone and he was closing for the night…

Dispatcher: Okay, we’ll send someone to take your statement and get a description. Generally the police wait 24 hours before starting a search…

Cell PhoneEdit

Attempted text message found on victim's cell phone: "No damn signal here...will try again in a few minutes..."

Mysterious ListEdit

Evidence found inside stairwell near decedent’s cell phone. Questioned by investigating officers, his wife claimed that she was not aware of any connection to her husband and recognized none of the names on the list.

Names on list: Amanda, Michael, Mallick, Brit, Patrick, Reinhart, Paul, Brenda.

Secrets Edit

The names on the list are all characters from the Saw movies:

  • Amanda Young, one of Jigsaw's apprentices who along with him is the only character to appear in all 7 of the original SAW films.
  • Michael Marks, the victim of the Venus Flytrap from the opening of SAW II.
  • Mallick Scott[1], one of two survivors of the traps from SAW V.
  • Brit, The other survivor from SAW V.
  • Patrick Melton, one of the screenwriters of SAW IV, V, VI and 3D.
  • Reinhart, the alternate surname of Jeff Denlon, the main character of SAW III.
  • Paul Leahy, the victim of the Razor Wire Trap in the original SAW.
  • Brenda, the victim of the Automated Scalping Machine from SAW IV.

Also, the way the man was killed was in a trapped position, similar to Jigsaw's traps. The mystery linked to the SAW house.