Ultra Violent Comics is a comics publisher known for making surreal and violent comics that appear as the basis for some Halloween Horror Nights mazes. They also publish a Scary Tales comic series. The June 27, 2016 edition of The Carey News mentions a city government enforced total ban on Ultra Violent Comics in Carey. The ban was due to Ultra Violent Comics publications being attributed to a rise in local violence and a mother's complaint about her son getting extreme seizures after reading.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Previous in-universe comic publishers include FEAR, who published The Rhyme Of The Corn comic in the backstory for the Field of Screams scarezone and AtomiComics, who published the Creatures! comics in the backstory for the maze of the same name. AtomiComics was also featured in the backstory for Bloody Mary, with one of her patients being the artists of the Creatures! comic the maze focused on. Unlike FEAR and Ultra Violent Comics, there's no indicator of comics published by AtomiComics leading to adverse mental effects on children.
  • Ultra Violent Comics so far has only been tied into 3D mazes.

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