A picture of the interior of the Universal Palace Theater as seen on the Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped From the Silver Screen website.

The Universal Palace Theater played a large part of the theme for Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen and was the main setting for Silver Screams. It was originally an opera house that was later bought by Universal's Carl Laemmle Jr. and was modified and turned into a movie theater that opened on October 19, 1922. The theater began to have a strange turn of events when in 1940, usher Julian Browning got into a fight with a rude movie patron who interrupted the presentation of The Phantom of the Opera. The patron tossed the usher's flashlight and it ripped through the screen. Upset, Browning had the patron banned from the theater and went to get his flashlight. However he got caught in the sandbag drop line rope that was a leftover from the theater's time as an opera house. Browning was lifted into the air and slowly strangled to death. From then on strange and gruesome events began to happen in the theater as years went by including the severed finger in the hot dog, the rowdy teenagers that disappeared, the mangled dolls and toys, the binge drinker that got electrocuted, the man talking on his cell phone getting caught in the balcony area, the bride-to-be becoming drained of blood, the rowdy man getting mauled by a werewolf and the disappearance of aspiring actress Evelyn Crane. And while this was happening, the strangled usher, Julian Browning was reported to have been spotted while these tragedies were happening. The theater was eventually closed, but it became the inspiration for Universal Studios Orlando to create a small-scale replica of the Palace and had models of all the victims of the Palace's curse including the Usher, Julian Browning.

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