Wrath was one of scareactors that appeared in the Halloween Horror Nights 21 scarezone, 7. Her stage was the second stage you passed by if you entered Hollywood Boulevard from The Plaza of the Stars. Her stage included many swords and spikes surrounding her chair with a large sheet of metal with a ‘7’ carved out of it. Her minions were muscular, and wore black pants and leather straps without a shirt. Their bodies were covered in scars, and they wielded chainsaws to scare the guests.

Wrath wore a black jacket-like dress with leather straps, shoulder pads, and cuffs. Her mask was decorated with small metallic spikes coming out of her forehead. She would often play with, swing around, and sometimes scratch herself with a long sword.

In her second stage, her sleeves and pant legs would be gone, and the top half of her dress would be slightly unbuckled.

During her final stage, her dress was ripped and completely unbuckled. Her face and body was covered in long, bleeding scars.