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Zombie Gras was one of the Scarezones that takes place at Halloween Horror Nights 20: Twenty Years of Fear

Zombie GrasEdit

Zombie Gras enhanced the storyline of ZombieGeddon. In the house, a sudden power failure causes the zombies' collars that maintain their docility to fail and leads to the ZAP facility being overrun. Upon exiting the facility, you discover the cause: a Mardi Gras parade crashed into the power lines outside the building, allowing the zombies to escape and infect the parade.


  • Zombie Knight
  • Wounded Jester
  • Chainsaw Zombie
  • Bead Zombie
  • Knight Zombie
  • Frog Zombie
  • Trombone Zombie


The background music used in the Zombie Gras scarezone is actually a series of excerpts used from Universal's own Mardi Gras Parade which often runs normally from February to April during Universal's Mardi Gras event each year.

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